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More coal being burnt for electricity in Germany than last year

FILED - Steam rises from the cooling towers of the Jaenschwalde lignite-fired power plant of Lausitz Energie Bergbau AG (LEAG). Photo: Patrick Pleul/dpa

Germany relied even more heavily on coal for electricity in the third quarter of this year compared to last year, said the Federal Statistical Office on Wednesday.

The figures showed that in the July to September quarter, more than one third (36.3%) of the country’s total 118.1 billion kilowatts of electricity came from coal.

Compared to the same period last year, the amount of coal-fired electricity increased by 13.3%, the authority reported.

Germany, which had previously been a major importer of cheap Russian fossil fuels, was hit particularly hard by Europe’s energy crisis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine. It has had to search elsewhere for energy sources this year.

The use of natural gas for electricity actually increased by 4.5% to 9.2%, despite high prices.

Although more coal and natural gas was used, the total amount of electricity generated from ‘conventional’ or finite energy sources – in other words natural gas, oil, coal, or nuclear – fell in the period from July to September 2022.

Compared to the same quarter of the previous year, it fell by 3% to 55.6%.

The Federal Office explained that this was due to the fact that only half as much nuclear power as last year was generated.

Due to the decision to phase out nuclear power, three of the six nuclear power plants still in operation in Germany were taken off the electricity grid at the end of 2021.

Renewable energies such as wind power, photovoltaics and biogas contributed 44.4% to domestic electricity generation in the third quarter, said the report, only slightly more than last year’s 43%.

An unusually high number of sunshine hours this year meant there was more electricity from photovoltaic systems, said the Federal Office.


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