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Bayern CEO Kahn laments ‘extreme’ politicization of football

FILED - CEO of FC Bayern Munich AG Oliver Kahn pictured prior to the start of the UEFA Champions League group C soccer match between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan at Allianz Arena. Photo: Sven Hoppe/dpa

Bayern Munich chief executive Oliver Kahn has said that football is becoming too political and that any issues should be solved by officials and not the players.

“The politicization of football is becoming more and more extreme,” the former Germany captain Kahn told Sky TV.

“You don’t just overwhelm the players, you also overwhelm football, which can certainly do many things. Football can always be a piece of the puzzle, set certain signals, push certain developments.

“But what has happened in the last weeks and months goes beyond the normal level, football cannot do that.”

Kahn was mainly referring to the human rights debate around World Cup hosts Qatar before and during the current tournament, including the ruling body FIFA denying Germany and several other teams the right to wear a One Love armband in support of all kinds of diversity.

Kahn said that these issues could have been solved in advance by officials as he sprung to the support of the players, who according to him were “pointing the way” on and off the pitch.

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