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Road To Egypt COP 27: Discussants Harps on Climate Justice in Nigeria


By Obiajulu Uwadone

Ahead of United Nations Framework Convention On Climate Change (UNFCCC) COP 27 that will come up in Egypt next month, a leading environmental justice and sustainable development organization, Human and Environmental Development Agenda, (HEDA Resource Centre) ends 1 of its 2- Days program today, has it was plans to holds a climate justice program for stakeholders and experts to discuss critical issues about climate and sustainable development.

The experts converge at the Zone centre, Gbagada- Oshodi Expressway, Lagos, to discussed as the program earlier themed
“On The Road To COP 27: What Should Climate Justice Mean For Africa?” is designed to call upon Nigerians and Africans to take immediate actions to help the most vulnerable and cut back on those human activities contributing to global warming and natural disasters.

TO ACTUALIZATION” – Azeezat Afinowi Subair a representative of Lagos state ministry of Environment, speaks on the progress of state has it leading in revolution development and passionate about it’s state and well being of its people.
She stated that action plans had been in place by the state government to cut down on emission; has it plans to introduce electronic powered BRT Buses, this will reduce emission, and executes is plans on expanding the BRT corridor’s.“structures had been in place as Lagos is in collaboration with climate change council.”

Professor Emmanuel Oladipo, talks on how to tackling climate change in collaboration with government and the citizens. Prof. Oladipo challenged the Youth to notice the change in climate as its complex issue of which no singular state can tackle on its own. All states are to put forces together to tackle it , in order to avert the adverse effect of climate change. He said good governance and leadership is what is most needed to address the situation – Issue of climate change shouldn’t be tied to developing countries, affected countries are to look at the bigger picture , and invest on climate change to attract resources and revenue ,which in turn can be channelled to proper revenue making structure for the country.

Celestine Akpobari, National coordinator, Ogoni Solidarity Forum , Nigeria. Makes his contribution by given some crucial points on how governance has fails his people in bringing good justice to an effective climate change.


The indegenes of Niger Delta were over joyed with Discovery of oil in their region in the 50’s , with high hopes and expectations. Looking at of yesterday and today Niger Delta remains the same with little or no development, inspite of the revenue it brings to the entire nation. Nigeria government drills oil from these communities, with the notion that the oil belongs to the government but in a situation when something goes wrong , for example, a spillage or burst , leading to contamination or pollution of land, water and properties, it then becomes problem of the people. Because government has no backup plan for these oil producing region.
However, oil theft in this region is a serious menace which needs to be tackled. In a situation where there’s
Climate justice, Oil companies operating in Nigeria should operate in world class standard – where pipelines are routinely serviced, changed as at when due. For instance, Pilelines has not been changed in five decades. Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC)and other government agencies are mandated to to take care of climate change. But with their little efforts Ogoni land is gradually healing , has it’s people gradually going back to farming.

Everyone and not just the Youth are to look into policies that will attract investment into the Nation. Firstly we are to create an enabling environment which will attract investors. Money and grants can be of easy access, in a situation where small grants can be accessed in the multinational level.

The National Coordinator, Small Grants Programmes, Mrs Ibironke Olubamishe stressed that Funds are accessible to old and Young but not to individuals. She hinted that before grants can be given, individuals must be affiliated to Non governmental organization, cooperative organisations and social enterprise. ”To access the grants , go online and fill the form but not as an individual.”

An expert , Dare Dairo speaks on CHALLENGES AND HOW GOVERNMENT CAN COME IN – Government reaction and work of inclusion, people need to overcome ignorance, prejudice and over sight. We need to be abreast of the fact that disability isn’t a life threatening situation. Climate change works in inclusion with those living with disability. Making provision for disability isn’t for the disabled but for the overall general populace, because lack of provision can affect all.
There is no climate justice, where there is no disability justice.

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