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2023: I’m Ready to Fix Nigeria With My Truth Spanner, Vote Wisely in 2023 – SDP Adewole Adebayo Tells Nigerians


By Olushola Akinyele

The Social Democratic Party (SDP), Presidential Candidate, Prince Adewole Adebayo as made his pledge again to fix Nigeria problem if elected in 2023.

An event was organized by the Nigeria Defence Academy (NDA), held at the Nigerian Army Resource Center, Abuja. While speaking, Adewole said to fix something, one must avoid damaging it further,“I have understand what went wrong, our country is not a difficult country to live in. What the country has gone through is deliberate sabotage by some people. Only Nigerians can fix Nigeria, and they are the same people that damage it.”

“Lets fix ourselves from the lessons learnt as history is going to be made in 2023 general election, the time has come to choose the right Leader – If we do not fix ourselves, we will get worse results than in 2019. People are saying Buhari is a disaster, called Goodluck Jonathan saint, same has Olusegun Obasanjo.” I disagree with them.

“My advise to Nigerians, is what I will say to my mechanic; Do you understand what is wrong with this car? If we don’t understand what is wrong with our dear nation, we can’t fix it,” Adebayo said.

“The truth is that every Youth in Nigeria seems to be angry with Nigeria, because they sees to be innocent. But whether we like it or not, everyone is guilty.”

“For me, I want to fix the country. My spanner is the truth. I don’t stick to things that favour me. We have issues on insecurity, of which i know that the current administration can fix it, if it stops the business in it.”

“There is serious injustice either in the service, the government is creating new poverty. In the past, poverty was limited to people that are disabled and illiterate. But nowadays the government has made it impossible for professionals to have value for their work due to the currency devaluation.

“Nigeria problem can be fix today, if we want it to be fixed – Why? we are not attracting Talent in government, People are in government because of money. However, Nigeria doesn’t need more than seven ideas to work.

“Not To Young Bill,” Young people have no excuse anymore because the political space is now open unlike when we were being beaten by the military,” Adebayo effortful Nigerian Youth’s.

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