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Obesere ‘ll Soon Become Most Popular Musician in the World’, Says Lagos Socialite Ademola Abdullah


A reknown entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer, CEO of Decent Ventures, Alhaji Ademola Abdullah has promised to popularize the musical brand of fuji Icon, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere in any part of the world.

The famous Lagos based socialite while presenting himself for the position of President of Sidophobia Fans Club stated that the Agba Akin of Yoruba land has already became an house hold name within entertainment industry and vouches to expand the popularity of Obesere if elected as President of his fans club..

Below is the contestant full text as captured by SECURITY MONITOR:



Paramount King of music, PK1, Alhaji Abass Akande Obesere, the Agbaakin of Yoruba land has been my favorite musician for the past thirty years. I therefore see the position of President of SIDOPHOBIA FANS CLUB as both privelage and opportunity not only to be fulfilled as Obesere musical lover but also to showcase and demonstrate my love for the Fuji Icon and his teeming fans.

There is no doubt, Alhaji Akande Abass is an house old name in both Nigeria and across the globe especially within the entertainment industry and amongst musical lovers. As his number one fan, I will advance Obesere’s popularity in Nigeria and all over the world.

With the support of all other executive and members of SIDOPHOBIA FANS CLUB, I promise to dedicate my time, energy, money, connection, talents and other resources to achieve  more success for our noble club.

During my reign, the fans club will also be more popular as I have it in mind to initiate many creative projects such that will promote musical and entertainment life of our fans.

As I present myself before you all for the position of the President of SIDOPHOBIA FANS CLUB, I promise to embark on quality tour and projects that will make your welfare a priority such that our fun and social life will be incomparable as our hero, Alhaji Abass will become the most popular musician in the world.

I promise never to look down on anybody including my co contestants, our members and the teeming supporters of our famous musician, PK1.

Politicians and any public office holder will find it difficult to ignore Alhaji Abass during electioneering campaign during my tenure as President.

Media is very important to boost the popularity of our activities and that of our musical icon, I have already penciled down some notable celebrity journalists who will join us in this journey and we shall all have reasons to be celebrated.

I have lots of programs that will catapult us to the new era and I beg you all to support me to achieve this mission.

Thank you all for your anticipated support.
God bless


God bless the Agbaakin of Yoruba land, Alhaji Abass Akande Omorapala Obesere!!


God bless you all!!


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