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NBA Declares Is Basic Course Batch B Opened In Lagos


By Olushola Akinyele

The foremost knowledge awarding institution, National Broadcast Academy (NBA) has formally declared Its 2022. BatchB section opened.

NBA Basic course program Batch B opening ceremony was held in Lagos on Thursday, at the newly renovated presentation hall.

Mrs. Adewumi Aluko, who anchored the program; introduce all the members of board management to the students who gain admission into the college. While mentioning, she recognizes the present of; Director of national broadcast – Mr. Jude Okere, Director of academy – Mr. Ayodele Aliu, school registerer – Mrs. Bukola Adedeji, school bursar – Mrs. Olukemi Idowu and others.

In starting remarks, goodwill message was delivered by Mr. Jude Okere. Who briefly talk about the history of the college, says the college has been established since 1957.

NBA BatchB in section

“He emphasis on how the college management is putting their heads together to make sure the physical structure around the college premisses are fixed, for enabling good learning conducive environment”. While speaking, he made it known that NBA is working on digital study online class which will be more valueable and allow those who can not be physical present at the college to attend the courses online.

Mr. Ayodele Aliu, director of academy welcome all the Batch B into the college. He explained the academic standard guidelines of college and how NBA use to collate their grades. However, says the Batch B have the total number of one forthy five (145) students.While congratulating the students he urged them to make use of their ” industrial attachment ” advantage whenever posted to any media organizations for practical; which can give them a good job network opportunity after completing their courses in the college.

Mrs. Bukola Adedeji, also urge the students to obey the rules and regulations of college, advise them to imbibe the college discipline, either inside or outside the college.

Finally, Director of physical planning, Mr. Luje – says he’s efforts is to make sure that all the physical infrastructure is in good care. Enjoin the students not to mind the inadequacy of the college has the management is embarking on their aggressive renovation of part of the college, advises all the comrades to face their studies and handle all the college facilities with care.

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