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“Your Door Should Be Opened To Real Hausa Leaders,” AREWA United Consolitative Forum President – Shuaibu Dansudu Urge Tinubu


By Olushola Akinyele

The National President of Arewa United Consolitative Forum, and also National Vice Chairman Arewa Youth Development Association of Nigeria, Alhaji Ado Shuaibu Dansudu, has express his concern on Religion crises, Tribes sentiment in Nigeria.

In a recent interview with some Journalist’s in his Lagos office, Alhaji Dansudu advises Nigerians to vote in good leader, who is ready to serve people with honest state of minds, integrate Nigeria in-respective of Tribes and Religion.

Dansudu said he did not believed in sentiment, either you are a Muslim/Christian the unity of this country should be your major concern. Stressed that Nigerians who are fighting in cause of Religion or Tribe issues are given their self unstable mind, because all these political leaders are eaten, wine and dinning together in a table. “It means we are taken has fool.”

“according to the history, when Prophet Mohamed (SAW) was born, a Christian identified him first. So I could not sees the reason why Muslim-Muslim Ticket or Christian-Christian Ticket will distabilized the unity of this country. In my opinion, what we need is a Leader that can fixed the issues surroundings these nation.”

“speaking on a way forward; Alhaji Dansudu urge Nigerians to do away with religion sentiment, vote for competency in the forthcoming general election, urge Religion leaders, Schoolars to stay away from politics, with non selfish interest to divide the unity of the Nigeria.”

Dansudu added that if truly we loved and want our dear county to unite.” We should not instigate each other; let’s seat at the round-table to trash out issues surrounding the peace and unity of this country.

Alhaji Dansudu said his role as a leader of Arewa community in south West, is to sentitize his people on who to vote for in 2023.

According to him, He said he’s favorite candidate have not contacted him directly, has he urge APC Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, Babajide Sanwo-olu Lagos state governor. To open their door’s for the real Arewa Leaders, who are ready, had the good voice to speak with their people as Ambassador of Northerners in Lagos. Some of our people in the North has been asking us about Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, and entire Yorubas on their stands in 2023.

“On Lagos Okada banned, has cleared up many tribalism statement in the minds of AREWA people, who think Lagos government launch the enforcement on Hausa, Fulani alone. I addressed the issues by educate them that Lagos state government it fair, In some states in the North Okada was banned totally, however Lagos banned in some selected areas, which is not on Northern riders only.”

“Asiwaju need to meet the right Arewa Leaders, dignitaries, traditionalist in Lagos. He should relates with genuine Hausa directly, without attach to anybody.”

He make it known that Unity among Arewa community in Lagos is shaking, there is issues yet to be solve among the traditional leaders, majority, minority.

Lagos state government needs to bring them back together in unity. However, no Governor elected in Lagos State, without the votes of Northerners.

“Nigerians should learn how to lives harmoniously with other tribe, bringing everyone together will changed the political history of these Nation.”

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