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Opinion Poll: Will Ekiti Vote For Value Come June 18th 2022 In Her Governorship Election?


Project Victory Call Initiative (aka PVC-NAIJA) is a non-governmental organization, a Political Advocacy and Education Organization, interfacing with the electorates on the need to cross from the line of apathy to the side of active political participation and networking towards nation building.

Our Projects:

Rethink Nigeria:
With RN, ethnic nationalities are organised into
Indigenous Groups for Restructuring, IGR, which galvanizes ethnic nationalities at home and in diaspora to set Agenda for Restructuring of our federation and promote same.

Reinvent Politics:
RP is our mission to
communities for political education, Community Political Education is a core operation of our organisation at eradicating political illiteracy and apathy.

Remodel Leadership (RL) is the engine room of creativity at seducing our apathetic youths towards political participation.
National Undergraduate Project Writing and Presentation Competition, is our 1st model project in this direction.

Redefine Governance (RG) focuses on
Governance Impacts Assessment, a public probity at ensuring government deliver values for votes

Recently, we conducted Community Political Education, titled ; Values of Your Votes, across Ekiti State, this will be followed up with opinion poll to help us ascertain who individual electorate will be voting for and why? This is to enable us measure the impact of our CPE on the decision of the electorates for value.

We are glad to inform you that Community Political Education Opinion Poll for Ekiti State will be coming up from Monday 16th- Wednesday 18th May 2022.

We solicit the cooperation of the general public in Ekiti State with our field officer in this regard.

Sincerely Yours

Paula Bell-gam (Mrs)
Vice Presi

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