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Education Policy to be Implemented When Osinbajo becomes President to eradicate Poverty among Nigerian Youths – by Comrade Ejeye Jolomi


Education Policies are the stipulated laws, practices and guidelines used by the Ministry of Education in directing the Academic affairs and activities of both Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Institutions. I.e the Ministry of Education provides the “Schemes of Work and Curriculums”, which all Public and Private Institutions are Mandated to comply with. Education is a learning process that involves reading, writing, understanding and installing knowledge into a person.
I specifically criticized the Policies governing the Nigerian Education Sector because the system encourages and glorifies financial dependence by students on their Parents and various Sponsors. Yes, financial support from parents and Sponsors are okay but I believe the system should Include Compulsory practical jobs and Entrepreneurship programs for students of tertiary Institutions.
The Policy should compel all Tertiary Institutions in the country to allow students earn 20% of their Tuition and overall fees after engaging the students in compulsory working activities within a stipulated time daily either in Skillful functions or in Official Capacity, but each students should be engaged productively. I also don’t want any Nigerian Tertiary Institution to mis-interprete this article and Increase their School fees. Education is about training and learning, so since the aim of the Education system is to produce successful Youths in the Society, Practical steps should be taken by tertiary Institutions to achieve this aim. This way, the culture, practice, discipline and responsibility that comes with getting and keeping a job is actually Instilled in a Youth and it would be to the betterment of our Society.
This way Students who save up part of their Income can become Entrepreneurs by gradually using their savings as capital to open various legitimate businesses they can own, control and handle.
I would like to seek Scholarship funding from various Giant Companies in the Country, like from Guaranty Trust Holding Company plc and Cadbury Nigeria Plc e.c.t.
I would also like to discourage the habit of Increment in School Fees and Petty Sanctions over frivolous reasons by Tertiary Institutions, because this habit forces a massive Population of Youths out of School leaving them confused, bitter, demonized, demoralized, and depressed, and as time passes, due to Idleness, those students start to engage in Social Vices and perform Illicit habits, like prostitution, armed robbery, gambling, consumption of substances like marijuana, cigarette and alchohol which are harmful and destructive to the human health. So Depression can mislead even students who never engage in illicit activities to experiment. Overtime, these so-called well behaved students start to become menaces in our Society and some unlucky ones end up in Correctional facilities.
There’s also a system in Tertiary Institutions whereby in the School environment, there’s a “show off system” encouraged by both Staffs and Students, there’s also the habit of attributing the wealth of Some student’s Parents to the students and before you know it, these particular students start to get preferential treatment from Staffs who are also looking to find favour from the student’s Parents. Thus, an attitude of entitlement is instilled in the brain of the Child. The child will become too comfortable especially with the good things of life and build part of their lives with part of their Parent’s money and later, when, they can’t perform for a while due to too much comfort, they start to complain, become bitter and depressed. Some students who tow this part of life become successful, while most don’t.
I will conclude this by saying, I am not condemning any of the Policies of the Federal Ministry of Education, or the Cultural Policy of any Tertiary Institution, I am only outlining issues that need redressing If we are to reduce the negative effects of Education on Nigerian Youths and the Economy. This way, Nigerian Youths will get used to the culture of Working and Earning Salaries, hence they will easily adapt to happenings in the Society. We believe the Ministry of Education will implement the Policy that allows university students work and earn 20 percent of their fees when Vice President Yemi Osinbajo becomes the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

DG, Osinbajo Youth Support Group.
Director in the Office of the Vice President, Pan African Youth Union, West Africa.
Head of Media Directorate, National Youth Council of Nigeria.

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