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Like father-like son , KFA Valentine First Son, Blow Hot In Rap Sensation In U.S.A ~ PressTv


The USA born Nigerian rap sensation, Fatai Júnior is on target in the USA , the Nigerian American rapper clicks up , elevates his Nigerian family of music makers.

Fatai Júnior, Nígerian-American Rapper.

Born in Jackson Mississippi , USA , to a Nigerian Fuji mega star , KFA Valentine, the dreadlocked Naijaboy is the talk of the town , he is hot in the USA ,Omo-KFA is on the right track, his extra Naija American Rap jam is catching the Americans.

Nephew to the Fuji mega star , Abass Akanni , aka Obesere, Fatai Júnior intends to sing in Brazil and Nigeria soon , he’ll soon embark on international music tour to Africa, Europe and South América.

Bounty , the latest release of Fatai Júnior released in 2021

An extra talented dancer , Fatai Júnior started his rap career in the hoods , he grew up in New Jersey where he was a lead singer in the church . Fatai extended his music talent from the church to the hoods in New Jersey, he now celebrates success in the American music industry.

Born 22 years ago. Fatai Júnior caught the eyes of music giants and industrialists when he suddenly introduced rap music and break dance in the church band , the combination boosted his popularity in New Jersey.

Fatai Júnior’s latest track tilted “ BOUNTY” is currently in top ranks , it’s played in several music houses and Radio/TV channels in the United States of America.

KFA Valentine and Abass Akanni aka Obesere , the father and Uncle of Fatai Júnior .

According to KFA Valentine, now based in Brazil , he said : “ Music is in the family , it is not new that my son, Fatai Júnior is doing great , i knew he was going to take after the family, i sing , my seniors sings , my juniors sings , Akanni family is a family of music makers . Fatai Júnior is doing great in Rap music . I love him , i hope to make a music track with him soon , he is doing the family great , he is a pride to Nigeria, America, and the African race , i am proud of him “ – KFA Valentine tells Heritagenews’ Adeyinka Olaiya in Brazil.

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