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FFK; End Of The Road For The Spy Among Us – By Bolaji O. Akinyemi.


Date was 1st of October 2019, in exercise of our passion for our dear nation, we seized a space for prayers and the Tafawa Balewa Square, it was raining cat and dogs, but we will not budge. A mother in the Lord was expected, but she was outside the country and so she sent an elegant lady who was all dressed up for a dignified event, though, surprised to see “crazy people” crying in the rain for Nigeria while Nigerians were under their blankets warming themselves off the cold that nature unleashed on that day!

She stepped out of her car and took her place with us, the cosmetic that adorned her face was lost to the rain, but you could see the beautiful heart of a nation builder through the countenance she maintained throughout our hours of prayer in the rain. It was my first time of meeting her, but thus left a strong impression on me!

Nothing was heard of her until I wrote my 1st article on FFK, she was enraged like most Nigerians, would take anything from me about FFK but not the word spy. On the other side knowing FFK modus operandi, she was concerned for me. Her words, FFK has the largest assembly of attack dogs on and off lines. She doubts if I can stand a chance against them!

But the rod of words that hit the 1st one sent at me sent warnings to the rest. Self is the pitfall for anyone out against his likes. But the Lord took that from me, before sending me out on this mission!

There are many like this lady, who were and some still lost to the reality of the day, and one shouldn’t blame them. I stand to be corrected, but within the scope of my reading and hearing, nobody has insulted the Fulani race more than Femi Fani-Kayode, there is no name they haven’t been called! In the words of FFK, Fulanis are proud, ruthless and totally unforgiving!

“They have long memories never forget a friend or favor and never forgiving an insult or a slight, most important of all is the fact that they overwhelm and conquer very slowly and incrementally and they do so primarily by infiltration, assimilation and guile”!

These were the words of Fulani spy among us! Femi was proud and ruthless in his operations. Fulanis are TOTALLY UNFORGIVING! Femi screamed at us, how come he is relishing in the fraternal bond of the Fulani blood. Could it be that blood is thicker than water, and for blood, he was on espionage for his mission to infiltrate, to be assimilated and then guile?

On memory, Meir Shalev, a Russian writer said: “Human memory awakens and extinguishes at will. It fills and sharpens actions, enlarges and shrinks those who perform them. It humbles and exalts as it desires.
When summoned it slips away, and when it returns, it will do so at the time and place that suits it. It recognises no chief, no overseer, no classifier, no ruler. Stories mix and mingle, facts sprout new shoots.”

The trade of men like FFK has found a compromise in the nature of human memory. Ours, particularly as a people is as short as FFK’s fuse, a people with low retentive memory, for which he is comfortable trading ìfẹ́ for Abuja as his political constituency!

Like a transistor radio without battery, FFK has maintained a strategic silence, our bully is humble for now, hoping that we will soon forget. But please, keep this vow of mine, not under my watch will the Yoruba Nation forget! Till the promise land we reach shall the Igbos, the tribe of the Lady who took up the fight with me over about FFK be left to forget! “Human memory awakens and extinguishes at will. It fills and sharpens actions, enlarges and shrinks those who perform them”!

FFK was enlarged by the dynamics of human memory, what he sustained of himself, our memories kept of him, but now is time to shrink back to who is really is!

He is in chronicle and the unborn generation must read the book, “Judas among us”, it will fill minds and sharpen actions, when next his memory will be summoned it may slip away. The book will hit the book stands soon!

Unlike Judas, who sold just Jesus, he, FFK, has sold several, with the new list handed out. And two down, with more to go!

Mazi Nnamdi Kanu must have been a victim of coded Fulani infiltration strategy, who was visited by FFK in his village after which python came to dance and crocodile came to feast in Kanu’s home land, was it a coincidence?

MNK, at one time upon release from detention went to see the only blooded Fulani among the “sons” of Odùduwà who has an unhindered communication with him. The confidence was won. I need to ask MNK this question, who were the Nigerians that called him while he was in Kenya before his arrest?

Ours is not a probing people, if we were, questions should fill the public space waiting for answers from Femi Fani-Kayode! But FFK knows the code, go underground and wait. Every propagandists, according to Shavel should know, “stories mixed and mingle, facts sprouts new shoots”.

FFK is waiting for an occurrence of interest, to jump on, a mix and mingling of facts to fertilizer new shoots. Shouting on the side of the people, if he is loud enough, Yoruba would have forgotten that, FFK came to visit Sunday Adeyemo, with full security complements. A man who left government 15 years ago has maintained an average bill of 1 million naira every month on security and domestic staff. 12 million on security and protocols annually, in 15 years is 180 million with no known means of income, e reach to ask, who is bank rolling you”?

On FFK’s visit to Igboho, who were those persons in black suits who came with him, could they be DSS? What type of gadgets were deployed on this infiltration mission? Police too came with him o!

The success of its espionage was confirmed by Sunday Igboho’s assimilation of FFK! “Irú yín lafe”! Meaning it is your type we need!

Could Sunday Igboho be a victim of what FFK once revealed about the Fulanis? “it is only when they are fully entrenched and empowered and when they have won the confidence of their host community and infiltrated them that the sword is brought and the most extreme form of barbarity and violence are employed to fulfill their objective”.

FFK no doubt wọn the confidence of Igboho who possibly took him on tour of his house, he showed him his bedroom, his power room wasn’t spared from the prying eyes of FFK. His men were introduced, two able lieutenants, Adogan his traditional armor bearer and Alfa the Arab talisman in his camp. Both were victims of the day of DSS sword!

Did Igboho at any time spoke with any of FFK bank rollers, Governors across the country, Cross River, Zamfara, Yobe and particularly Kogi whom FFK needed to impress for consideration as his running mate? That is how so low we are thought of, a combination of Bello and Fani-Kayode to lead a 21st century Nigeria?

Sandwiched between two blood brothers, the prodigal son of futa jalon empire, Abdullateef stood before the surrogate father of their empire to pledge his allegiance and give reports of his espionage!

Our spy is back to base! Nigerians should by now know who FFK is. A Spy on Government bank rolling! Do we need to ask Attorney General of the Federation why the judge is not sitting on FFK EFCC’s case, yet he was part of the hosts of the prestigious gathering of the privileged few when the President’s only son got married in Kano!

FFK was a warrior of faith to people of Southern Kaduna, his exploits in this regard wọn the admiration of many, like Obadiah Mailafia who trusted him even with information about the Fulanis. The Christian community in Jos, Benue and the middle belt as a whole considered him a defender of the faith, but our “brother” was dressed in a borrowed robe!

After the Kano event and the acceptance of his father, the prodigal, formerly announced, “my maternal grandfather was a great and powerful Muslim cleric and scholar by the name of Sheik Nurudeen Sa’ Id. He was from Ilesha. He was also a civil servant and he spent a good deal of his adult life in Lagos. His father, that is my maternal great-grandfather, was a pure Yoruba man from Ilesha. However his mother, that is my maternal great-grandmother, was a pure Fulani woman from Sokoto.

My grandfather, Sheik Nurudeen Sa’id, who was half Fulani and half Yoruba, got married to my grandmother, Alhaja Abeke Sa’ id (nee Williams) who was a pure Yoruba woman. She was also known as ”Mama Ofin”. She was from Lagos (Isale Eko) and she was the daughter of Alhaji Isa Williams who was a key leader in the Muslim community and the richest businessman and trader in the whole of Lagos in his day. At last, our brother is a “quarter cast”, unfortunately like a less than 10% tribe subjugating the remaining 90%, a quarter of his Fulani blood is stronger than the 3 quarter of his Yoruba blood!

Reconciling FFK’s discovery of his ancestral root with what he once told us his hate may leave the gullible confused, but the intelligent can only be further convinced of his identity. “What I hate are, callous, barbarous and unspeakable atrocities that the Fulani herdsmen and terrorists are perpetrating in MY COUNTRY and the racist, hegemonist, ethnic and religious agenda that the Fulani leaders are seeking to impose!

What FFK said he hates, he has suddenly become! I can only wish those who will forever take his word with a pint of salt in the country the best of illusion.

The magnanimity and generosity of Prophet TB Joshua is today a legacy seen through what FFK has become. He made sure FFK lacked nothing, he wouldn’t have been this chased by avariciousness to trade out 7/8 for 1/8 had the prophet been alive. May the death of this benefactor not be his end of the road.

Dr Bolaji O Akinyemi, an Apostle focusing on revival in the church and revolution in the nation, the BID, as he is fondly called, is also a communication strategist.
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