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Chairmanship Race: Hon Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba Officially Affirmed Intention To Contest For Ikorodu LG Chairman ~ PressTv


“As a concern stakeholder with highly interest in the development of Ikorodu LG, in consideration to my greatest service to my beloved Ikorodu community. I hereby offer my self to serve in the capacity as a nice chairman of Ikorodu 2021”

The current vice chairman of Ikorodu local government, Aarebirin Hon.Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba made it known officially on her intentions to contest for the post of the chairman of Ikorodu Local Government.

This was done while having a press conference with media houses, held in Ikorodu 18th of May, 2021. It had in attendance a massive group of teeming supporters of the influential politician and highly revered media practitioners.

During this historic event, Aarebirin Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba presented a 14-page documents that contained her intentions for the people of Ikorodu, the reason behind her ambition to become the next local government chairman, some of the works she has done for Ikorodu, her vision and mission statement, among a host of other intelligently presented citations.

Princess Folashade , who is also the national deputy chairman of the association of local government vice chairmen of Nigeria, explained that her aspiration was not borne out of desperation but love for the good people of Ikorodu local government while declaring that she is ready to serve in that capacity with courage, forthrightness, clarity of purpose, integrity and dedication.

She further noted that in her desire to serve, She will consolidate the vision of the all progressive congress (APC) which represents positive change and has brought remarkable changes to Ikorodu Local Government including improved infrastructure, security and service, continues to ensure peaceful co-existence amidst the people of Ikorodu in all ramifications, and has made Ikorodu an example of responsible and responsive governance.

In her mission statement, She aims to develop tourism through the provision of necessary facilities to make Ikorodu one of the most welcoming places to tourists, and foreigners, prioritize economic growth and development for all where everyone has equal access to jobs, regardless of sex, gender, religion, age or physical conditions, pursue increased community cohesion and civic identity through participation in social, political and cultural spheres, provide adequate safety and effective security of lives and property, focus on equable distribution of wealth, benefits and reduction in poverty with the attendant incidence of slums, create a community that protects the right of all, Improve urban living, productivity, mobility, and connectivity through the provision of adequate physical and social infrastructure, propagate human rights, protection and sustainable development.

Princess Folashade Olabanji-Oba promised to provide security, education, medical care, agriculture, tourism, culture and sports, make Ikorodu an entertainment hub, pursue a fully integrated transport management system, provide infrastructures, and ensure all agencies and parastatals uphold the rule of law.

Continuing, She tagged her project, if she eventually becomes the chairman of Ikorodu LG as ‘IKORODU PROJECT’, Which rest squarely on five pillars of Health, education, infrastructure, youth and women empowerment and Security.

Princess Folashade Pleaded with the good people of Ikorodu to support her in this race which is solely about Ikorodu Local Government and its massive development.

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