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Death is necessity but becoming cheaper in Nigeria – Says Hon. Rotimi Makinde ~ PressTv


By Olushola Akinyele

A former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Rotimi Makinde has condoled with the Nigeria Armed Forces and family of gallant military officers who lost their lives in the recent plane crash… “Makinde Praises that may their souls rest in peace.

“Nigera is gradually becoming a point to busy to live or get busy to die, almost every day we read or heard about one hour person or one group of people just passed away.

Not to mention the menace of Kidnapping and banditry business who came into our midst to dislodged pipelines vandalism as a crime and a single man kidnap can fetch more money than crude oil theft , so they says! We finally lost moral and our right attitudes to one another.

He stressed that people no longer have value for life or decency as our sense of self-worth withers away, when one finds oneself encircled by in opportune conditions. In fact, structural conditions that apparently in the past look promising turn out to be quite frustrating.

Eventually, particularly for the aspiring youths; who aspire for security or armed forces jobs like Army, Airforce , Navy , Police. That was usually like a guaranty license for future comfort and prestige has becomes very unattractive and a no go area for men that still values life.

“Ironically, it is education that sets limits on the realisation of aspiration but nowadays immediate needs is the in thing.”Let me just be rich”is the new songs in town ‘Igbooro ti daru’ Every scattered , Everything yanmo – yanmo apology to Idris Abdulkareem.

However, Where are we going? Any way any how is the order of the day; No one seems to care anymore about tomorrow. Let tomorrow take care of itself .Why would I want to grow up if life is going to go downhill? I think no one will empathize with me was what the youth are saying as they gradually works to see anarchy in the land. Saving or deny yourself of financial recklessness today or chosen to have sound education is no longer fashionable.Who know who will ever live to see that tomorrow is the only quotation the youths remembered from the famous late Danmaraya songs. The Alhaji Dan Funtua and Musa Shantali that use to supply us cows in lagos and Ibadan were said to be no more, they were killed by bandits that ravaged their villages.

“Insecurity, Jiah cha Yamutu was the usual breaking news almost every day and every minutes! That fine Mallam, Baba Amid that usually comes to lagos with trailers of onions and yams to Ketu market in lagos from Yobe state was reported kidnapped on his way back enroute Kaduna airport road.

“We have many unexpected circumstances to deal with – Lagbaja’s growing enrolment in higher education and the corresponding emphasis on the competitive educational system as the only route for a secured future serve as crucial indications of the continuation of this predicament. That enthusiasm is no longer in our society’s spirit, all of these are no more “Lobatan – Mongana – Yakare” everything words don finished.

“Who want to visit the place of no return, every body now lives in perpetual fear, no more deliberate plan about tomorrow “Malam Jagaba or Sheikh Ibrahim Gussau can not even nurse the idea of inviting Dr Ola Ifa of Ibadan for holiday. Rotimi of the source of Yorubaland suddenly becomes the one that has no liver to ply lagos to ibadan even with escorts in day lights he now need to plan for days before he drive passes Ogere toll gate in Ogun state to Osun state, because everything had turned Jagajaga.

“In his words “Barrister Festus Keyamu” please forgive my choice of words. I am just tired. It now shown that everybody from whatever axis North, South or West are now suspect of boko haram, Oodua nation today , agitation everywhere – noise of secessionist every minuted and kidnappers now brisk bussiness compare to illegal bunkering. It is as bad as that?

However, on the parameters of moral common sense, every noble heart seek to evaluate the idea of death either in terms of living longer or living a short life but for real to live every day in perpetual scars and scare is the worst compare to death which is a necessary end for every created souls.

“I honestly feel for those our gallant military officers who lost their lives in the recent plane crash..May their souls rest in peace.

Hon Rotimi Makinde writes from Ile ife,Osun state with the mindsets that he has friends in every constituencies in Nigeria and so concerns about any soul lost but avoidable with right attitude.

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