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Unlawful Killing: Igbo National Council – Give Gov. David Nwaeze Umahi 21 days to Resign as Gov of Ebonyi State or Face the Wrath of the Masses ~ PressTv


Following the genocidal attack on four communities in Ishielu Local Government Area (LGA) of Ebonyi State on Monday 29, March 2021by the dreaded Jihadists Killer Fulani Herdsmen, the Igbo National Council (INC) worldwide hereby call on Engr. David Nwaeze Umahi to immediately resign as the Executive Governor of Ebonyi State within twenty one days from today so as to face trial on conspiracy, aiding abetting of the killings of armless Ebonyi citizens.
You will recall that while many Southern and North Cental States Governors vehemently rejected the proposed obnoxious RUGA Project in a bid to protect their citizens from the rampaging Jihadists Fulani Killer Herdsmen who are desperately grabbing people’s land, killing and invading communitues, Engr. David Umahi was very busy ceding huge acres of lands of the Ebonyi State people to the Fulanis for their settlements in exchange to get their support for his 2023 Presidential ambition under the All Progressive Congress (APC) which will never work.
Gov. David Umahi is the most dangerously treacherous among all the governors in the history of the Igbo Nation, and has tendency to betray people at any slightest opportunity. We must do every possible to bring Engr David Umahi to book now or after his tenure as Governor.
Gov. David Umahi is the current most dangerous  enemy of the Igbo Nation and must be ostracized from the Igbo Nation by any means necessary.
Consequent upon the above, we therefore call on the Ebonyi State House of Assembly to commence the impeachment process of Gov. David Nwaeze Umahi if he fails to voluntarily resign after twenty one days from 2nd April 2021 so as to stop him from bringing more darkness to Ebonyi State.
SignedChilos GodsentPresident, INCApril 1st, 2021

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